HeatWiz HWJ120T High-Efficiency Instant Electric Tankless Water Review

Heat Wiz HWJ120T Tankless Water Heater Model, 11 kW Review

You may never have to worry about cold showers ever again for the future of tankless, electric water heating is here.

If you are looking for an electric tankless water heater that combines portability, a compact design, efficiency and the potential to replace your big water tank heaters, then this Heat Wiz HWJ120T Tankless Water Heater might just be the water heater you need.

Unlike other compact electric tankless water heaters, the Heat Wiz not only promises energy efficiency or a power-saving feature, it also promises a much higher and less limited water heating capacity despite being small. This electric water heater has the following features:


  • Advanced patent heating technology which prevents heating loss, allowing you to save up to 50% on water heating cost
  • Multi-layered heating chamber that forms a long circulating water channel
  • LED touch display
  • Compact design
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty
  • IMD front cover
  • Automatic memory function avoids repeated operation
  • Built in over-pressure and over-temperature protection


The Heat Wiz HWJ120T Tankless Water Heater is relatively small and takes up little space, but what really makes this electric water heater a potentially good choice for hot bath lovers is that it has the capacity of a much bigger water heater.

You might think that the Heat Wiz Tankless Water Heater is too small, and that it can only accommodate a single bath, but this tankless electric water heater has been known to heat for up to 3 baths without compromising water temperature and performance.

Of course, this electric water heater has a much higher voltage as compared to other compact tankless water heaters on the market, but such is the price paid for having the much higher heating capacity. Still, it can be cheaper to use as compared to big water heaters that you may be currently using at home.

And because it is a tankless water heater, you would not have to worry about hot water ever running out. You will not need to store hot water anymore; for as long as you have your current water supply, the Heat Wiz HWJ120T Tankless Water Heater promises that you’ll have hot water around the clock.

The Heat Wiz tankless electric water heater also has a very stylish design and the materials used to manufacture it make it corrosion and splash resistant. It can also be very easy to operate through its LED touch display. This Heat Wiz electric water heater also has an enclosed loop heating system.

If you want to have an idea of what an enclosed loop looks like, look at the mark on the top front of the cover. This technology promises to lessen any heat loss, allowing you to adjust the heater at a lower level without losing much heat. This can be useful for those who like to take long hot showers without the temperature ever changing.

All that being said, the Heat Wiz HWJ120T Instant Electric Tankless Water Heater can be used at almost any place where hot water is required. It can be used in small or big homes, small or big apartments, condos, hospital bathrooms, hotels, boats or yachts, restaurants, office laboratories and many other places.

Unlike other small and compact electric tankless water heaters that promises energy efficiency, you will not have to worry much about the water pressure or the rate (GPM or gallons per minute) by which water passes through theHeat Wiz HWJ120T Tankless Water Heater.

The Heat Wiz electric water heater also has a better potential when it comes to being used in cold places as compared to other compact water heaters.

Other portable water heaters become utterly useless when the water coming in is too cold for their heating capacity, making them useless in cold places, especially in places with snow. That can be very disappointing because it is in such cold places where hot baths are desired, if not needed.


As good as it might sound, the Heat Wiz HWJ120T Tankless Water Heater 11KW cannot be considered as a replacement to much bigger electric water heaters.

Its capacity, although less limited as compared to other small electric water heaters, cannot be considered as a catch-all capacity.

At 240 volts, which is the voltage of other whole house water heaters, the numbers of baths it can heat are still limited, probably up to three baths. Any higher and you might think that the Heat Wiz HWJ120T Tankless Water Heater was not able to deliver on its promise, which is not necessarily true.


The Heat Wiz HWJ120T Tankless Water Heater 11KW is portable so it takes up very little space; it is stylish, easy to use, energy efficient, has the capacity of a bigger electric water heater, can accommodate two to three baths, and is a much better choice than other small, energy efficient electric tankless water heaters.

As far as small electric water heaters are concerned, it is an 8 out of 10.

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